Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Potatoes Anna

6 russet potatoes, peeled
6 tbsp unsalted butter, melted
salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 450.* Using a mandolin or chef's knife, slice potatoes as thinly as possible; less than 1/4" thick.

Brush a 10" cast iron skillet with 1 or 2 tbsp butter to lightly coat.

Starting in center of pan, arrange potato slices, overlapping slightly in a circular pattern. Brush potatoes with 1/3 of the remaining butter; season well with salt and pepper. Repeat to make two more layers with remaining potatoes and butter, seasoning each layer.

Place over high heat until butter in pan sizzles, 2-4 minutes. Transfer to oven, bake until potatoes are tender, 1 hour.

To make ahead, let the dish cool completely and refrigerate up to 8 hours, loosely covered with foil. Reheat at 350 to serve.

When ready to serve, run a small spatula around edge of pan; slide a large spatula underneath potatoes to loosen. Carefully invert onto a plate and cut into wedges.

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